Domestic Violence Treatment

Approved Domestic Violence Treatment Providers
During treatment clients are educated on the types of abuse, how to eliminate abusive behaviors, empathy, and how to recognize the effects of their actions on others.  In addition, clients are taught to understand, identify, and manage their personal pattern of violence. Prior to beginning treatment, an intake of evaluation needs to be completed to determine the level of treatment as prescribed by the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board.

Evaluation and Assessment

Aurora Center for Treatment offers evaluation and assessment services for substance abuse and mental health. We do not provide domestic violence evaluations.

Substance Abuse Treatment/Relapse Prevention

Designed for non-DUI/DWAI and other substance abusing individuals.  Alcohol/drug abuse and addiction are painful battles for the one abusing or addicted and for those around them.  Aurora Center for Treatment offers treatment and support to assist those abusing or addicted to alcohol and/or drugs to achieve recovery.  During treatment, individuals learn to understand the addictive cycle, how to manage cravings and urges, how to develop support systems, and how to recognize triggers among other things.

Moral Reconation Therapy

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is an “Evidenced-Based Practice” that is a systematic. Cognitive-behavioral, step-by-step, treatment strategy designed to enhance self-image, promote growth of a positive, productive identity, and facilitate the development of higher stages of moral reasoning. These goals are ultimately demonstrated by more appropriate behavior on the part of the program participants. MRT significantly increases moral reasoning levels, enhances life purpose, and gives participants more perceived control over their lives.

Level II Education and Therapy

Licensed by the Office of Behavioral Health
​Approved by the Courts and Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

If you have been sited with a DUI or DWAI, Aurora Center for Treatment can assist you in meeting court requirements.  Anyone who is convicted of a DUI/DWAI will have to complete Level II Education. Level II Education is 12 sessions (24 hours).  Most will also be assigned to a Level II Therapy Track.  Track assignment is determined by whether someone has any prior impaired driving offenses, their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at the time of the offense, and if there are other clinical indicators.  Track assignments are made by the alcohol evaluator at probation or by the treatment agency counselor.  Track A is 21 sessions (42 hours), Track B is 26 sessions (52 hours), Track C is 34 sessions (68 hours), and Track D is 43 sessions (86 hours).

Court Related Services




Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a personal development and self awareness program to help individuals achieve success in life. It assists individuals who want to reach their true potential by getting rid of negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. If you feel like no matter what you do, something bad always happens and you have no way to change it, this program will assist you in making positive changes and gaining control over your life.

Anger Management

​This court counseling in Aurora is for those who experience anger issues or who have been convicted of a violent crime other than domestic violence. The program content includes stress management, identifying anger triggers, communication skills, victim empathy, and power and control. 

Alcohol/Drug Testing

Monitored sobriety is available for adults and teens who are voluntarily or are required to do random urine screens, oral screens, breathalyzers, and/or antabuse monitoring.


Parenting classes focus on the effects of domestic violence, substance abuse, and examine the intergenerational patterns and how they relate to our children. Our primary goal is to help clients understand their own patterns, and break unhealthy cycles.

Specialized Parenting treatment is to assist those with a child-abuse charge, and provide specific treatment to meet their needs.

Feel free to call us with any questions about areas not listed above: (303) 340-8990

seeking safety treatment

Seeking safety is an integrative treatment approached that is used for individuals with trauma/PTSD and substance abuse. The treatment modality is tailored to specifically focus on co-occuring trauma and substance abuse disorders. It is an evidence-based treatment to help individuals attain safety from their trauma and/or substance abuse struggles. This treatment can be provided individually or in group.